Find the right treatment for you

Wiser Health is a app that aids with health care treatment decisions. In other words, if you have a health condition, like High Blood Pressure, you might have 25 treatment options to choose from and the goal of Wiser Health is to help you sort through those options based on data and preferences.

This app was made available to users by their health plan or employer benefits.

Each treatment had many data attributes that users could use to access the treatments including:

  • Clinical Evidence
  • User Rating (survey data on how effective was this treatment for this condition?)
  • Personalizing data (“People like me”)
  • Cost and eligibility with their insurance plan

My Roles

  • Worked closely with business stakeholders, the product and development teams I designed Wiser Health, WiserTogether’s B2B web application.
  • Created HTML prototypes, wireframes, clickable prototypes, and mockups to convey and deliver concepts.
  • Validated designs and concepts through usability testing.


How might we allow users to compare treatments for a specific medical condition?

On the business side of this product, is the goal that if guide users into treatment plans that are more effective for them then it lowers cost of health care, not just for them but also for their employer and health insurance companies. Because of this, it was critical to provide a feature where users can make informed decisions easily.

Comparative analysis

To solve this problem I led the product team to explore how other products are solving similar problems where users needed to compare items side-by-side.


Various iterations were done on these compare treatments concepts.


I designed and coded a prototype that allowed the user to add a treatment to a list to compare against other treatments for their medical condition.

User Validation

From prototyped created test plans and prototypes to allow us to do unmoderated testing with

With this work there were HIPAA considerations that we had to work within. For instance, we couldn’t allow users to divulge their health history or they had to opt-in to sharing that information with us.


Our solution allowed users to make informed health care decisions by:

  • We emphasized clinical evidence, patient rating and medical professionals opinions
  • View all the treatments associated with a partciular medical condtion
  • Add treatments to a list to compare treatments side-by-side
  • Compare metadata between the treatments

View a video of the Compare Treatments experience